Buffalo Family Doulas takes pride in providing families of the Western New York region with professional, non judgemental services during the transition into parenthood. We offer a variety of services and support for new (and experienced) parents and we would like to personally welcome you to Buffalo Family Doulas. We’ve been expecting your call!

buffalo babyBirth Doula Support: Our birth doulas will support you from the moment your contract is signed until you are home resting comfortably with your new addition!





NewbornPostpartum Doula Support: Your postpartum doula will step in where your birth doula left off. Our postpartum doulas ensure that your recovery and transition into parenthood is as smooth as possible!





placentaPlacenta Encapsulation: Have you heard of the latest postpartum trend? Encapsulating your placenta could potentially offer a variety of benefits such as reduced risk of postpartum depression, increased milk supply and hormone regulation.