brothersAs doulas, we often get the same frequently asked questions when talking with potential clients and their families. We thought we would collect all of your FAQs and store them in one place for your reference!

  1. Aren’t doulas only for homebirths? Doulas are professionally trained to assist at births, regardless of the location. Buffalo Family Doulas attend births at the local hospitals and birth center as well as home births within the Western New York region.
  2. Can you hire a doula if we are planning to have a medicated birth or cesarean birth? Whether you are interested in an all natural unmediated birth, an epidural or have a scheduled cesarean birth, Buffalo Family Doulas personalize their doula support to your individual needs.
  3. Isn’t a doula the same thing as a midwife? Doulas and midwives have 2 separate roles on your birth team. A doula does not provide any type of medical care to the pregnant person or baby. Doulas are strictly for physical, emotional and educational support. Midwives are medical care providers who are medically trained to deliver babies.
  4. Do I need a doula if my partner will be with me during labor and birth? Let’s face it, most partners are not exactly educated when it comes to pregnancy or birth; therefore, it can be really beneficial to have an extra (professionally trained) support person to turn to during this time. Doulas are able to provide you and your partner personalized support so that you can be present in the moment and not stressing about the little things.
  5. Are doulas advocates? Doulas are professionally trained to provide support so we are not your advocate. Doulas can provide you with informational resources and support; however, doulas will not make medical or parenting decisions for you or interfere with your medical providers during your pregnancy, labor and/or birth. If you have questions, ask your doula for information but they will not tell you how to proceed with medical treatment or parenting decisions. Buffalo Family Doulas prides itself on helping parents become confident and comfortable decision makers!